Lets you know the amount of water and its color

Mizuiro Crip

A smart clip to determine the amount and color of liquid poured



What is the Mizuiro Clip?

This is a device for the visually impaired that can be easily attached to various containers, and it determines the amount of hot or cold water, seasonings, or other liquids (with a timer function up to 6 minutes), and also accurately determines and notifies the color of an object by pressing the tip against it, regardless of whether it is in a light or dark environment.


Color identification function

By pressing the color sensor on the top of the device against an object whose color you want to know, and turning on the switch, the color of the object will be announced by audio.

Distinguishable colors (22 colors)



Light Yellow




Deep Green

Light Blue


Dark Blue

Light Purple


Light Pink



Dark Brown



Light Gray


Dark Gray


Liquid level detection function(with timer function)

When the clip portion is placed between a container and the liquid comes in contact with the lower part of the device, an alarm sounds to notify the user.
This is a useful function for pouring a drink into a cup or for filling a pan with water when cooking. Since it is also heat resistant, it can be used for pouring hot water into a cup of instant noodles.
After the alarm sounds, the timer function is automatically activated. The number of minutes elapsed is audibly announced every minute for a maximum of 6 minutes. This function is useful when preparing instant foods or others.

Battery replacement

To ensure the "drip-proof performance" of the current product, the battery cannot be replaced by the purchaser themselves. We formerly offer a battery replacement service for 3,278 yen including tax, but recently it has become difficult to procure parts and we are no longer able to provide this service. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
We take battery replacement seriously as an area for improvement, and plan to address this issue in the next release of the Mizuiro Clip 2.

  • For all purchases up to March 31, 2024, we will replace the batteries for the first time only for a fee (3,278 yen including tax), so please put the Mizuiro Clip in the enclosed "return envelope" and drop it directly into the mailbox. (No need to include the sender's name.)

  • If the product does not operate properly during the warranty period (6 months), please feel free to contact us and return the product for free repair or replacement.


Mizuiro Crip(ver1.2)
Model number
Operating temperature
0°C to 50°C (except for brief contact with hot water)
Battery life
Up to 2 years (manufacturer's standard)
*To reduce power consumption, please turn the switch to the OFF position immediately after using each function.
Approximately 34grams
Quality labeling
Body: (Material) Polycarbonate, (Heat resistant temperature) 120°C
Tip cap: (Material) Silicone rubber, (Heat resistance temperature) 200°C
Warranty period
Within 6 months from the date of purchase
In the event of a malfunction due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the product at no charge after inspecting the product that has been returned to us.
The warranty does not cover batteries; it also does not cover stains, scratches, or changes in appearance due to the use of the product.
Instructions and precautions for handling
This information is described in the "Handling Instructions & Precautions Manual" that is included with the product.

Buyer’s Voice

Regarding the color identification function

It helped me realize that there are so many colorful things around me. After I lost the ability to see, I sometimes thought that the world around me was only black or white, but just realizing that my belongings had colors that I used to love, like pink, light blue, and yellowish green, made me feel more positive.

I was under a lot of stress about having to rely on my mother to help me choose clothes when I went out because I didn't know what colors to wear. I was really happy that I could do it on my own.

I teared up because I experienced the liberation of not having to rely on others and the joy of being able to do things independently.

Regarding the liquid detection function

I no longer have to worry about getting burned.

Soup cups have a line at the bottom of the container for pouring hot water, and I could never pour the right amount, but now I can finally enjoy a delicious cup of soup.

I like to entertain visitors, but until now I could not make tea in front of guests because I could only detect the liquid with my fingers. However, this product made it possible for me to enjoy tea with my guests.