You can do anything!

2025 Early Debut


What is in front of me?
The answer to this is conveyed by sound and vibration through shape, size, and distance.
It is a new perception that will replace vision.
Shifting from "I can't see" to "I can understand."
Go anywhere.
Do anything.
Introducing the next-generation "SYNCREO" sensory device.


The inconvenience caused by visual impairment limits one's activities in any given situation.
However, if we can somehow understand what is going on in front of us, it should be possible to eliminate many such inconveniences.
SYNCREO accurately and intuitively conveys the situation in front of you through changes in sound and vibration.
It will provide three-dimensional information of your surroundings, such as the width of the road, the size and location of obstacles, and the movement of approaching people.
In other words, it will help shift your mindset from "I can't see" to "I can understand".

You no longer have to give up just because you can't see.
By using SYNCREO together with a white cane or a service dog, your options for activities are limitless.

You will be able to challenge whatever you wish to do.


Our goal is to eliminate accidents caused by visual impairment.

Injuries and accidents involving the visually impaired occur frequently. In the eight-year period from 2010 to 2017, there were 605 accidents involving people falling off the platform onto the train tracks.
With SYNCREO, you will be able to see the location and size of large steps (drops) and obstacles in front of you, as well as the movements of people and vehicles.
This can greatly contribute to the reduction of accidents caused by visual impairment.

We want to dramatically improve the quality of life (QOL) of the visually impaired.

When a person develops visual impairment, they are likely to experience an extreme decrease in activity and mobility. As a result, their level of stress increases as they are forced to rely on family members and others. It can interfere with both their physical and mental health and lead to self-denial, as they may begin to think they cannot do anything without the ability to see. By using SYNCREO, users will be able to expand their range of independent activities and mobility, such as going shopping, eating out, and commuting to work. This will dramatically improve their QOL. It should also contribute to reducing the need for assistance and lowering social costs.


Eight functions equipped in SYNCREO

  • 1

    Intuitive understanding of the situation of surrounding space

    SYNCREO conveys information about the space beyond the line of sight through sound and vibration.
    It provides real-time notifications by using multiple sounds and changing vibrations depending on the distance. While this may be confusing at first, as one gets used to the signal information that is fed back, it becomes easier to gain an accurate sensory understanding of one's surroundings.

  • 2

    Be able to identify the shape and size of objects of interest

    SYNCREO will not only be able to recognize the surrounding spatial situation, but will also enable the user to recognize and pick up dishes or remote controls on a table, to respond with a handshake when someone offers their hand, or to raise your own beer mug for a toast, offering endless possibilities for convenience.

  • 3

    Ability to read text out loud

    There is a lot of textual information scattered throughout the city, including posters, warning signs, and restaurant menus. SYNCREO is equipped with a function that conveys textual information in front of the camera lens in audio format, allowing the user to understand what is written on the spot without the help of others.

  • 4

    Share your perspective and have conversations with your supporters

    SYNCREO is equipped with a camera and microphone, and the images captured by the camera can be shared with people who are not physically present. In case there is any doubt about a decision, a person who supports the user can watch the video and act on it while talking to you via the microphone.

  • 5

    Recognize the colors of the object in front of you

    In addition to information via sound and vibration, a color identification function is available. It can notify the user about the color of the object in front, either by light or sound. The function can detect something that looks like a tall, slender cylinder, and because its color is green, predict that it is probably a tree. Or, it can distinguish the color of the walls and doors of a building, and help determine the location of the entrance door.

  • 6

    Ability to read out specific tags

    Special tags for the visually impaired are now starting to be widely used around the world. These tags can be embedded with a variety of information and are currently loaded on smartphones. However, with SYNCREO's tag reading function, there is no need to have to take out your smartphone each time.

  • 7

    Recording and playback functions

    The camera installed in SYNCREO is equipped with recording and playback functions (optional). By recording at all times, just like a dashboard camera, it can provide assistance and deterrence in case something happens.

  • 8

    Generative AI function (under development)

    By equipping SYNCREO with a generative AI function, we hope it will become a reliable partner that can tell you what you want to know or what troubles you are facing, and even tell you what is going on around you, describe the scene, and depict the expressions on people's faces. We aim to create products that are not only "convenient" but also "emotional".