Founder and CEO

Takeshi Nakamura

Changing the world for the visually impaired!

"'Not being able to see is just an inconvenience, not unhappiness.' I was shocked when I heard this statement from a young blind girl. I was very happy. If it's just 'inconvenience,' then I can help alleviate it! I was very happy thinking this. I decided to create a future where that girl wouldn't face any difficulties. I will definitely create it. I won't forget today."
This is something I jotted down in a notebook in 2017.
Everything started from this day.

That being said, when I first started, I had no funding, technology, or connections. Yet, I was declaring everywhere, 'I will change the world of visual impairment!' Not 'I think I'll try to change it' or 'My goal is to change it,' but 'I will change it!' Looking back now, I realize I was just a reckless guy (laughs). However, starting with the addition of CTO Shinohara, every time I stumbled, one by one, more people joined me, saying, 'I want to create that world together' and 'I want to see that society together.'

We have been greatly helped by many people who are directly affected. In the startup and venture industry, there's often talk about valuations and business stages, but no one on our team cares about that. There is only one thing everyone cares about: Is what we are creating, and the work we are doing, leading to smiles for those who need it? That one thing.
Everyone thinks deeply about it, discusses it, and continues with numerous failures and a few successes. As adults, sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, and we strive to offer something we can proudly present.
Finally, I declare: 'We will change the world of visual impairment!'

Director and CTO

Masakazu Shinohara

I want to create something that moves people's hearts.

As a child, I was fascinated by how machines worked and often got scolded for taking apart household appliances and being unable to put them back together.
As an adult, through developing software at work, I realized the joy of creating things that help people. After meeting Mr. Nakamura, I became aware of the circumstances surrounding visually impaired individuals and started thinking about creating tools that could help them.
I want to create something that moves people's hearts.

Going forward, we will continue to develop products together with the people who will actually use them.
Because we believe that the answers lie within their actions and hearts.


Yuko Masuda

I want to create a society where everyone can feel the joy of living.

After joining as a new graduate, I gained various experiences in different departments of a major property and casualty insurance company.
While juggling work, home, and raising children, I raced through half of my life with single-minded dedication. However, a series of deaths among close relatives prompted a dramatic shift in my perspective on life and death. I decided to retire in 2023, resolving to live out the rest of my life 'contributing to society while enjoying life on my own terms!'

After retiring, I met Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Shinohara through introductions from former colleagues.
Filled with passionate determination, overflowing confidence, and kindness to 'definitely change the world of visual impairment,' I was deeply moved by the video of the JHeC 2022 Grand Prix, as well as the profound love and high expectations of the team and support members surrounding these two individuals. I decided to join them, aiming to shine on my own second stage at RtF's next level.

I will leverage my own experiences, along with a perspective and sensibility unique to women, to work together with the team to get the company on track towards realizing a society where people of all generations can feel the joy of living.
I strongly believe that what is needed in the world will always receive support from the universe and will inevitably come to fruition.